Geleneksel Sokak Lezzetlerinin İngilizce Açıklaması

Yurt dışından misafiriniz geldi ve siz adım adım her yeri tanıtıyorsunuz. Kısıtlı bütçe ile gezmeye gelen misafiriniz yoruldu ve acıktı. Merak etmeyin. Burada aç kalmak imkansız. İşte, biz artık görmeye alıştığımız için önesemesek de yabancı misafirlerin bayılacakları sokak lezzetlerimiz ve onları ingilizce nasıl tanımlayacağımız. Zira siz de artık yoruldunuz ve ingilizce kelime hazineniz kan şekerinizin düşmesi ile kaybolmaya başladı. Bu gibi durumlarda, bu yazı gerçekten işinize yarayacaktır shshs..

  • Simit

Açıklaması: “Ring shaped bagel with sesame. It is like bretzel in Germany. We eat simit as a food-to-go. Like donuts, you know. Simit goes well with ayran. ”


  • Kestane

Açıklaması: “Generally found in Autumn or Winter, chestnut is cooked on fire and served in paper bags in grams. Chestnuts are considered as a snack therefore you would not have a full-tummy. You need to peel the brown skin of before eating them.”


  • Mısır:

Açıklaması: Corns can be bought in two types; “Süt Mısır” (corn milk) is the boiled one, and “Közde Mısır” (ashed corn) is the grilled corn. Both of them are very tasty. A tip here is that Turkish people add some salt on the corn milk while they eat, and you may also try to do so. The new trend is the corn milk served in plastic glasses and topped with other ingredients like ketchup, mayonnaise, or even pomegranate syrup. You see them marked as “bardak mısır” (glass corn) on the stalls especially in the shopping malls. They are also a good alternative to taste.

  • İçli köfte

Açıklaması: “This meatballs stuffed with cracked wheat, Kibbeh, can also be found on Middle Eastern and North African cuisines, is actually not a street food but this guy standing next to his stall on Istiklal Street should not be missed. He always have almost 30-40 of them and when his stall is empty he disappears. If you see him during your walk on Istiklal Street, do not pass by without tasting one!”

içli köfte


  • Patso

Açıklaması: This is potato stuffed bread. Recently became a popular fast-food, this bread stuffed with potatoes is a great street food which will save you money and time! While you only have potatoes inside the bread in “patso”, you can have potatoes and sausages in a “patsosis”. We admit that it is a lot of in calories but definitely a cool idea if you love potatoes. Top it up with ketchup& mayonnaise and enjoy!”



  • Kumpir

Açıklaması: “Kumpir, in english means Jacked potato. If you are especially in the Ortaköy area of Istanbul, you will see a street full of jacked potato sellers in vans. They usually scream (!) and try to direct you in their van in a funny way. Do pay a visit to one and taste it. This jacked potatoes are a carnaval of many ingredients. They are usually very big in size and very affordable. Buy one jacked potato, keep walking to the seaside, sit on a bench and enjoy the Bosphorus view from Ortaköy. You can also sit in a cafe and order a tea alongside your delicious food.”


  • Kokoreç

Açıklaması: This is actually grilled sheep’s intestines!. Don’t judge it by the name! Seriously, you should take a bite and you will love it. The smell of a “Kokorec” stall is very inviting even if you are a vegetarian. Try “Şampiyon Kokoreç”, a well known, clean, affordable food chain, especially  specialized in Kokoreç. But if you are wandering the streets and see a crowded Kokoreç stall you can also go for it, assuming the people would attack a good taste and the quality product.



  • Nohut &Pilav

Açıklaması: Chickpea& Rice. When you see a pushcart and many people sitting on small chairs by the road, eating some brown round stuff on rice with a great appetite, you should stop a while and order a plate for yourself. This street food is actually not a fast- food but a proper home-made Turkish dish. The only difference is that, you eat it on the streets 🙂 They are usually very delicious, if you bump into the right stallman whose wife at home is a good cook!

  • Balık Ekmek

Açıklaması: Fish Bread. Especially, on a cold day, if you are in the Eminonu area of Istanbul, the best thing to eat is a fish bread. When you walk on the Galata bridge towards the old town, you will see many little boats selling fresh fish bread on your lefthand side. You can order a pickle juice together with! This will heat you up and fill your tummy. Note that, the pickle juice also consumed alongside the raki in order to smooth the strong taste of it.

  • Köfte Ekmek

Açıklaması: “Meatball bread. You may try the meatballs in a proper restaurant, but there are certain stalls alongside some streets, selling meatballs in half a loaf of bread! Meatballs are also home-made and brought-to-street type of foods which is very cheap and succulent! Always easy to find one, before a football match in Istanbul.”

  • Gözleme

Açıklaması: “The hot cakes are made of hand-rolled leaves of yufka dough that are lightly brushed with butter and eggs, filled with various toppings, sealed, and cooked over a griddle. You can have cheese, potatoes, meat, spinach, or a mixture inside. We strongly advise an “ayran” to drink with it!”



  • Midye Dolma

Açıklaması: “The mussels stuffed with rice are a great option after a pub crawl. You can find many of them on the streets in Taksim area at night as well as other areas. The Turkish have a habit of getting as many as they can after drinking alcohol and they even bet among each other to see who can eat the more. On the other hand, you can have rice stuffed mussels in proper fish restaurants or in food- chains like “Sampiyon Kokoreç”.”



  • Döner

Açıklaması: “That’s what you know as kebab in your country. However, this is the real one. You will love it.”



  • Dondurma

Açıklaması: “You have to try this fresh ice-cream from Ali Usta. This is one of the best. Nearly, better than Italian ice-cream chains.”

ali usta


  • Taze sıkılmış meyve suyu

Açıklaması: “Freshly squeezed fruit juice. Don’t worry they are healthy and safe to drink even though it seems the opposite. While you wander around the streets in Istanbul, you will see many shops or stalls which sell squeezed fresh juices. Pomegranate, apple, orange and many other fresh fruits (including carrot!) are squeezed and served in plastic glasses can be a great accompany during your discovery in a hot summer day. They are very cheap and very healthy at the same time. You can pick the fruits you like or get a mixture which is called as “atom”!”

  • Boza ya da Sahlep

Açıklaması: “If you hear somebody screaming something like “za-bo-zaaah” at a cold winter night when you are in Turkey, do not get afraid! They are street “boza” sellers. As a kid, we were afraid of them and used to hide on our parents back but as we grew up it seems so funny and we instantly became a customer who runs down the street in pajamas trying to catch them for a night shopping. Sahlep, is also a winter drink. Very hot and sweet for my taste but still i can pick it from the menu in a cafe just for fun.”



  • Beyoğlu Çikolatası

Açıklaması: “This small shop on the beginning of Istiklal Street in Taksim offer the famous Beyoglu Chocolate. 100% delicious chocolates packed in simple aluminium foils without a brand or an expensive-looking packs are a must-tried desert in İstanbul.”

beyoglu cikolatası


  • Kerhane Tatlısı

Açıklaması: ” This ring shaped sweets are called (which made us surprise the first time we heard of it) as “Kerhane Tatlısı” (brothel sweet in Turkish translation)!

Apparently, it used to be sold at the brothel’s doors to give energy to men 🙂 This might be a funny myth but can also be true! It is a street food sold on stalls, and very sweet. Might be fun to taste it just for the sake of this old myth :)”

Bunlar dışında da tabii ki yolda daha farklı lezzetler karşılayacaktır. Ama belli başlı ve kesinlikle yolunuza çıkacak olan sokak lezzetlerimiz bunlar diye düşünüyoruz. Malum yemekleriyle ünlü bir ülkeyiz ve illa ki sizi ziyarete gelecek bir yabancı arkadaşınız bu açıklamara ihtiyaç duyacaktır.

Şimdiden afiyet olsun ve kolay gelsin 🙂

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